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A fine and soft piece of clothing made of 100% rich cotton, with a nice smooth feel. You shan’t regret putting on one of these superb quality T-shirts!

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The great Carthaginian Empire overshadowed all other states in the Mediterranean for many years. It’s economic and military prowess helped it become the dominant regional power.

However the up and coming state of Rome was not one to sit idly by and be overshadowed forever. The Punic wars, fought on and off in 264 BC – 146 BC would drastically change the power dynamics of both entities and the Mediterranean at large.

After the first 2 of these wars, of which Rome was victorious, many Romans would come to fear a resurgence of their long time enemy.

Such was the case with a man named Cato whom is said to have ended very speech he gave with the words “Carthago delenda est” which simply means, Carthage must be destroyed!
Well in 149 BC, those like Cato would get their wish as war was declared on Carthage.

The design of the T-shirt displays Cato’s famous words above with a Roman legionnaire on the right & Carthaginian soldier on the left, preparing to strike at one another.

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