T-Shirt Design 6b (Medium)


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A fine and soft piece of clothing made of 100% rich cotton, with a nice smooth feel. You shan’t regret putting on one of these superb quality T-shirts!

All size information can be found on the ‘size chart’ and the size of this T-shirt is written on the title above.

As for the design, it is based off of the Macedonian Holpites of Alexander III, also known as Alexander the Great ( 356 BC – 323 BC).

The Hoplite was an iconic military unit used by the ancient Greek people. Similar to that of the heavy infantry of ancient Sparta, Alexander the Greats Hoplites used long spears, large round shields and did battle in the Phalanx formation. However the spears of the Macedonian Hoplite were considerably longer in comparison to their former Greek counterparts and they played a major part of Alexanders campaigns across the eastern world from Greece, Anatolia to India.

Above and below these military units are the words of one of Alexanders famous quotes written in Greek. It reads, “I would rather live a short life of glory than a long one of obscurity”. A most fitting quote as he died so young and yet accomplished so very much in his short life.

Being undefeated in battle, it is no wonder that Alexander is widely considered one of history’s most successful military commanders.

The top left corner shows the Macedonian sun as seen in various flags, banners and references to the ancient country.

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