T-Shirt Design 5a (Small)


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A fine and soft piece of clothing made of 100% rich cotton, with a nice smooth feel. You shan’t regret putting on one of these superb quality T-shirts!

All size information can be found on the ‘size chart’ and the size of this T-shirt is written on the title above.

As for the design, it is that of the Byzantine royalty. The Byzantines were the Eastern Romans, so called ever since 285 AD when Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to divide the Empire into 2. He did this in an attempt to make the 2 smaller empires easier to manage, as Romes borders had grown to such an incredible extent. The Western Roman Empire had its capital in Rome itself and the Eastern Roman Empire had its capital in Constantinople. This great city was originally known as Byzantium, hence where the term ‘Byzantine’ came from. The height of the Eastern Empire was reached in 555 AD when Emperor Justinian sought to bring back the former glory of before the western collapse.

The Eastern Romans choice of royal colour was purple as the T-shirt represents.

The design features the 2 headed eagle, as was used by the empire in its later years and in the center of the circular pattern is the patriarchal cross.

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