T-Shirt Design 4c (Large)


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A fine and soft piece of clothing made of 100% rich cotton, with a nice smooth feel. You shan’t regret putting on one of these superb quality T-shirts!

All size information can be found on the ‘size chart’ and the size of this T-shirt is written on the title above.

As for the design, it is that of the cross similar to the very one worn by crusader knights in the Hospitaller, Templar, Teutonic and other such orders, accompanied by the words ‘Deus Vult’.

In the year 1095, the Byzantine empire, led by Emperor Alexios I, requested urgent aid from Pope Urban II due to the invasions of his lands by the Seljuk Turks. Seeking to warm relations between eastern and western Christendom, Pope Urban II agreed and organised the council of Clermont, in order to discus if & how to aid their fellow Christians in the east. During this council he moved the hearts of all attendants with an inspirational speech, ending in the phrase ‘Deus Vult!’

‘Dues Vult’ is Latin for ‘God wills it’ and soon after Pope Urban’s speech, it became the motto of the upcoming crusade and a popular saying in the medieval world.

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