German WWII 2nd Class Iron Cross & Photo Set


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This is the Iron Cross of Germany. Adolf Hitler restored this medal in 1939 as a German decoration to be given to (mostly) soldiers of the 3rd Reich for valour, bravery in battle and other military contributions in a battlefield environment. Hitler also continued the tradition of issuing it in various classes.

This one is of quite good condition though with obvious signs of it’s age, wear and tear one could expect from an over 70 year old medal. Small patches of rust and grime can be seen upon close inspection. Still it is for the most part fully intact with nice clear stamping’s of the makers mark being ‘138’.

Another thing you have likely noticed is the fact that this medal is accompanied by a set of photographs. The photos show the funeral of the deceased soldier whom of which won this medal. His family can be seen mourning the death of their loved one. All photos are in excellent condition and really add further humanity, history and display value to this relic of the past.


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