German WWII 1st Class Iron Cross


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This is the Iron Cross of Germany. Adolf Hitler restored this medal in 1939 as a German decoration to be given to (mostly) soldiers of the 3rd Reich for valour, bravery in battle and other military contributions in a battlefield environment. Hitler also continued the tradition of issuing it in various classes.

The first class, being a breast badge, features a plain silvered reverse with only the fastening mechanism, in this case a pin. As with most Iron Crosses the 1939 version was constructed of three pieces; the iron core, an obverse and a reverse silver frame.

This one is of quite good condition though with obvious signs of it’s age, wear and tear one could expect from an over 70 year old medal. Small patches of rust and grime can be seen upon close inspection and some scuffing / deterioration as well. Unfortunately age has claimed the functionality of the pin as it is broken, however we are lucky enough to still have it along side the cross itself.

The stampings are all still nice and clear. “L/12” put’s the production of this cross in Berlin by the maker C.E. Junker

A lovely piece still retaining it’s long history that would be more than worthy of finding it’s place within any displayed collection!

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