German 2nd Reich WWI Imperial Army Officers’ Dove Head Sword


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This here is an absolutely stunning example of a 2nd Reich officers sword.

Boasting a fine shine and beautiful intricate detailing along the blade, the sword retains much of it’s original splendor and is free of any restoration. The handle is of plain steel. The blade is etched with chariots and horses along with a spectacle of weaving patterns.

The swords ageing is visible with minor scuffs to be seen as well as some rust on the scabbard, however the overall condition is frankly fantastic.

From the stamping it becomes clear that this sword was manufactured in Solingen, a city in western Germany.

The indication of military branch and regiment can also be seen on the blade, reading ‘8. (M.G) Komp, Inf, Reg, 75’.

Overall a truly desirable sword that would undoubtedly look fantastic on display.

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