English Silver Pennies Circa 1216 – 1272 – 1307 AD


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2 fairly worn but still good quality solid silver pennies. These coins depict 2 kings of England, Being Henry III & his son King Edward I.

Henry came to the throne as a child after the barons had rebelled against his father John. By the time John had signed Magna Carta he was already nearing death and shortly after his demise, his war torn kingdom was left to his young son Henry. Though only a child, with the assistance of William Marshal order was restored and the uprising put down. A long cross design can be seen on his coin along with a faded depiction of Henry on the other side.

The other coin shows the head of Henry’s’ son Edward on the obverse side whilst the reverse shows the long cross design.

Known as long shanks because of his height, Edward was also known as the hammer of the Scots ,and indeed it was he who had the Scottish patriot William Wallace put to death.

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