Enfield Windsor P53 3 Band Rifled Musket With Bayonet


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This here is a fine example of an P53 Enfield. However this is a most rare variant.

This is one of the least common of all the variations of the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket, known simply to collectors as the Windsor Enfield. This musket was built in the United States, under contract for the British Government, by the firm of Robbins & Lawrence of Windsor, Vermont. This pattern of gun is what collectors and researchers refer to as a Type II P-1853 rifle musket. The primary features that separate it from the much more common Type III P-1853 (which was the version primarily used during the American Civil War), are solid barrel bands that are retained by band springs (instead of screw fastened, Palmer patent, clamping bands) and a rammer that is retained in the stock by a swell near the tip, similar to the US M-1855 & 1861 rammers.

The rifle is a 3 band and uses the percussion lock system as was common before cartridge based guns were largely introduced in the following decades.

The P53 was used by the British Empire from 1853 to 1867 and also proved quite popular with the Confederates during the American Civil War.

This rifle in particular was manufactured in 1855. Although the stamps are faded and the side panel aged with pitting, the stamps can still be seen.

Overall the condition is good with only a few signs of age to be seen. The wood is for the most part fully intact, though the odd scuff, crack and dent can be seen throughout. The lock mechanism is still functioning and the cleaning rod is present under the barrel. Besides the expected signs of age, the metal parts of the gun both brass and barrel are in a fairly decent state.

The accompanying bayonet is in absolutely stunning condition with it’s original scabbard and just a few signs of age & wear.

Truly an absolute treasure that would look great on display or in a cabinet.

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