Enfield Snider MKIII Artillery Carbine


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Undoubtedly a great looking rifle and very satisfying to hold, the Enfield Snider was one of the early cartridge based rifles developed by the British Empire to replace the old rifled muskets previously manufactured for British soldiers.

The earlier rifles were built using the old Enfields by simply swapping out the obsolete parts. The MKIII variants however were constructed from scratch.
This is 1 such example.

This particular rifle is the Artillery Carbine variant.

Unfortunately the firing pin mechanism no longer functions, the breach block is missing a screw and finally the rear butt-plate trapdoor has been lost to history.

All that said the price reflects this and this solid/sturdy rifle still dry fires as the hammer-trigger mechanisms work perfectly fine.

This rifle would make a fantastic wall piece for display!

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Dimensions 95 cm

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