Enfield Snider MKIII 3 Band


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Undoubtedly a great looking rifle and very satisfying to hold, the Enfield Snider was one of the early cartridge based rifles developed by the British Empire to replace the old rifled muskets previously manufactured for British soldiers.

The earlier rifles were built using the old Enfields by simply swapping out the obsolete parts. The MKIII variants however were constructed from scratch.

Overall the condition is great with only a few signs of age to be seen. The wood is for the most part fully intact, though the odd scuff, crack and dent can be seen throughout.
Though there are some signs of age and pitting on the side panel, the stampings can still be seen nice and clearly. This rifle in particular was manufactured in 1866, as is clearly stamped, with the stamping of ‘TOWER’ under the date. TOWER refers to the manufacturer and means that this rifle would have either been made in Birmingham or London by a contractor for the British Empire.

The rifle functions fully and still retains a great solid build!

Truly an absolute treasure that would look great on display or in a cabinet!

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