Enfield 1856 Carbine


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This here is a fine example of the old Carbine variant of the Muzzle loader Enfield from the mid 1800s.

The rifle is a 2 band and uses the percussion lock system as was common before cartridge based guns were largely introduced in the following decades.

Though there are signs of age and pitting, the stamps can still be clearly seen. This rifle in particular was manufactured in 1856, as is clearly stamped, with the stamping of ‘TOWER’ under the date. TOWER refers to the manufacturer and means that this rifle would have either been made in Birmingham or London by a contractor for the British Empire.

Overall the condition is OK but there are a good few signs of age and the action is at fault. This has been reflected on the price.
That all said this rifle would make a fabulous wall piece so if it is to simply be used for display this would be a fantastic opportunity to grab an Enfield at a lower cost!

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