Collection of 3 Solid Silver Roman Denarius Coins & 5 Bronze Coins Circa 200-300’s AD (XGCA5)


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A great example of Roman coins from the mid imperial era. All coins are in quite good condition, especially considering their age and both the Latin inscription and heads on the coins are fairly visible.

The 3 Denarius coins in particular are quite desirable. Being made of solid silver and depicting various emperors from the Severan dynasty.

The Severan dynasty was a Roman imperial dynasty, which ruled the Roman Empire between the years 193 AD and 235 AD. The dynasty was founded by the general Septimius Severus, who rose to power after his victory in the Civil War of 193–197 AD.

On the left you have Emperor Caracalla, the eldest son of the before mentioned Septimius.

In the centre is the face of Septimius himself.

Finally there is the coin to the right. This coin depicts Severus Alexander who is known for being the final Severan emperor and who’s death would trigger a succession of briefly-reigning military emperors, rebellious generals, and counter-claimants. These short lived emperors presided over governmental chaos, civil war, general instability and great economic disruption. This era of Romes history would come to be known as the crisis of the 3rd century.

All 3 silver coins are still looking fine, especially being nearly 2000 years old. They are accompanied by 5 bronze coins, bolstering an already great little collection.

Without doubt a terrific opportunity for any collector/enthusiast of ancient history & its artefacts.

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