1801 Pattern British Long Sea Service Tower Flintlock Pistol


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This here is a VERY rare piece indeed!

This here is of course the Pattern 1801 long barreled sea service pistol used by the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars!

This type of very long flintlock pistol was carried by British naval officers throughout the various military actions fought during the 18-19th century, including the Napoleonic campaigns of the late 18th- early 19th century. These well made military pistols were very well regarded by serving British officers of their time.

The pistol is still in remarkable condition and retains many of it’s original qualities!
Of course with a pistol this old one must expect signs of age & wear however it is still looking just magnificent considering how old it is.

The butt-cap is of course the rounded typical military brass skull-crusher type which was useful in close engagements with the enemy as was common when a hostile ship crew would attempt a boarding of your vessel. The solid brass but-cap is matched by the brass trigger guard and fore end pipe.

The stampings are all still nice and clear. The lock marked TOWER and crown over GR. The 12 inch barrel stamped on top with two London proof marks.

The pistol is complete with a brass tipped wooden ramrod and spring-steel naval belt hook.

The calibre is approximately .60.

The overall length of the pistol is of 19 inches. The action in good working order & is fully functioning.

All in all a remarkable piece that would be an undoubtedly spectacular addition to any enthusiasts collection!

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