Antique Swiss Schmidt Rubin M1889 Military Rifle With Muzzle Cover & Sling


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This here is a fine example of Swiss ingenuity. The M1889 Schmidt Rubin was designed by Eduard Rubin and Rudolph Schmidt to such a high standard that through the rifles long life, the basic design was kept pretty much the same with all other models right up until 1953, from it’s first production date of 1891.

This model used the old 7.5 x 53.5mm Swiss rounds with a 12 shot magazine.

The quality of this rifle is positively superb and the condition is great! Only a few any signs of age & wear despite how old it is and still retains many of it’s original qualities. All stamps are still as clear as can be. Still looking fantastic besides the odd scuff on the metal and wood. The safety and straight pull action work just fine. The rifle boasts a blued steel finish, beautifully polished hardwood stock and matching numbers on every part.

This rifle comes with it’s original 12 shot box magazine, graduated rear sights from 300-1000 and an original muzzle cover consisting of fluted brass and spring steel attachment for muzzle/bore protection. It is also accompanied by an original leather sling which is a little worn but still looking just fine.

Truly an awe inspiring example of European engineering, this rifle would most certainly make for a fine collectors piece.

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