Antique 16 Bore Pinfire Double Barreled Shotgun (Belgian)


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This here is a stunning example of Double Barreled (Side by side) shotgun in the Lefaucheux Pinfire patent!

Dated around 1860 and manufactured in Belgium, this fabulous shotgun is in an absolutely fine condition! All parts and mechanisms are in perfect working order and functionality.

Both the metal and wood are in a superb state, especially when considering the guns age. Though there are the occasional signs of age with some minor scuffs and cracks to be seen in the wood.

Some quite lovely floral pattern engraving can be seen a across the metal of the gun on the trigger guard, locks, hammers, scrolling trigger guard, rotary underlever and top plate.

The stock features a lovely shaped chequered design which compliments the engraving well.

It features 28 inch Damascus barrels which are also in a fine condition, still retaining much of their original quality.

Overall this shotgun has clearly been well looked after through the years and I do hope it can find a most distinguished & deserved place on display or as part of a collection!

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