7mm Self Cocking Pinfire Revolver (French)


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A fine French pinfire revolver from around the 1860’s.

This pistol features a 6 shot cylinder for 7mm rounds and is self cocking.

The trigger is a folding type.

The condition is absolutely fine with all parts functioning perfectly in full working order.

There is a fixed loading hole in the cylinder rear cover. “Mn Be” can be seen stamped in the oval.

Absolutely beautiful foliate engraving on much on the metal work including the cylinder & frame. The butt is of lovely polished walnut and has a screw ejector rod.

All & all this is a simply fantastic little revolver with such intricate decoration. Surely this would find itself a place on the display of a top collector!

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 11 cm

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