70 Bore Boxlock Percussion Pistol, Side By Side (Belgian)


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An absolutely stunning and rare piece indeed!

This double barrel pistol dates around the 1830’s and is in superb condition.

A boxlock percussion type and features lovely round turn off barrels of 3″, the muzzles slotted for barrel key, Liege proved, one breech numbered 245, scroll engraved frame with hidden triggers and plain bag shape walnut butt incorporating a hinged metal butt cap.

Belgian proof marks can be clearly seen stamped into the left breech side.

The pistol has quite a bit more weight than ones this size usually would and is built incredibly solid. The frame & structure are held together most firmly and the mechanism functions perfectly with the hidden triggers coming out after cocking.

The engraving in the metal is absolutely beautiful with a swirling effect implemented.

Surely one of the finest of it’s kind and would stand out wonderfully in any collection!

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Dimensions 19 × 3.4 × 10 cm

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