Antique 18 Bore Double Barreled Shotgun (English) C.Moore


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This here is an absolutely beautiful example of Double Barreled (side by side) shotgun!

Created by Charles Moore of London (most likely in the 1820’s) as can be seen by multiple stamps both on the top of the barrel and on the side panels… this shotgun is simply stunning!

Featuring 29.5 inch Damascus barrels with platinum lined breech and plugs each bearing touch mark reading Moore Patent London, scroll engraved actions, figured chequered stock and pineapple finial trigger guard.

Though there are signs of age and wear throughout the gun, the overall condition is certainly very nice with all parts and mechanisms in perfect working order and functionality.

Overall this shotgun has clearly been well looked after through the years and I do hope it can find a most distinguished & deserved place on display or as part of a collection!

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