Antique .31 Bacon & Co Underhammer Pepperbox Pistol


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Another very rare find indeed!

This is the .31 pepperbox revolver pistol developed and manufactured by Bacon & Co in Norwich Connecticut in the United States.

This pistol features a fairly unique underhammer design and a 4 inch revolving ribbed barrel cluster.

The barrel cluster has been stamp marked with “Cast Steel” as well as the makers mark “Bacon & Co Norwich C – T”.

Another nice feature to be seen is the light scroll engraving to nipple shield and frame, as well as the ensuite engraving to the back straps.

But a stand out feature of this pistol is its sheer rarity! It must be kept in mind that these were produced in very small quantities during the latter part of Bacon & Co’s existence, circa 1852-1857. Production estimates are quite low, at about 200 total. The .31 caliber, 6-barreled percussion pepperboxes were fairly unique within that genre of handgun in that they were both single action and underhammer designs. The most common variant of pepperbox during that period was a double action only, bar hammer design, as typified by most of the guns of that pattern produced by Ethan Allen and his later Allen & Thurber and Allen & Wheelock companies. The guns produced by Bacon were produced in both ribbed and fluted barrel variation with barrel clusters of 3”, 4” and 5” with the longer and shorter barrels being quite uncommon and the 4” cluster being the standard.

On top of just how rare it is, the condition is also quite desirable. Unfortunately some of the percussion nipples have been lost to history but besides that the overall condition is very good!

Undoubtedly a remarkable piece that would go brilliantly in any collection, especially that of particularly rare finds such as this!

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