1790’s – Early 1800’s Officers Flintlock Dueling Pistol


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This here is a beautiful example of a late 1700’s dueling pistol.

Strikingly similar to the dragoon model pistol used for cavalry, this pistol would have been made for and used by a British Officer.

The pistol is incredibly lightweight and designed with elegance in mind.

The action still functions perfectly fine and the pistol is in good overall condition though some screws do seem to loosen on occasion over time.

This pistol is accompanied by a lovely brass powder flask from the same era and the 2 complement one another brilliantly.

The stampings are nice and clear throughout the side panel and barrel showing us that it was manufactured by the gunsmithing company “CLARK” in London.

An overall wonderful looking pistol and powder flask that would without a doubt find a most welcome place within any display cabinet by itself or as part of a collection!

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